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fine art portraits 

Are about you. The authentic you.

During a fine art portrait session we get to know you and create a personalized concept that will bring out the best in you, involving location, fashion and if desired hair/make-up styling. The results are custom, timeless photographs of a pure and authentic you, to cherish for a very long time. 

"your pictures
are medicine."

- liza 

maternity portraits

It's quite something, isn't it?

Probably the most intense, magical and transforming experience in the lifetime of a woman: becoming a mother. Literally becoming the portal of life.

Maternity portraits are an opportunity to celebrate yourself. To remember this period of time and are able to look back at yourself as the strong being that you were and still are.


"I'm so grateful to you for these images. I could not have dreamed of a better outcome. I'm so happy Lotte sent me to you. And that you made me feel so at ease. I can almost cry, that's how much I love them. I can look at them for hours. And the location was great as well. A 1000 times thanks. "

Isabelle at 32 weeks



authentic business photography

You and your business. 

When I photograph entrepreneurs and their businesses, the most essential part for me is capturing everything as it is (in the best angles possible). No forced posing or smiling. Just some nudges to bring out the best of the real you and your service.

The result? Pictures that radiate authenticity and customers/clients that will feel genuinely attracted to you and your services because of this.

"These images are insane. I watched everything with a lump in my throat. You have captured me, with the animals, in such a natural way. so beautiful!! A thousand times thank you for these amazing pictures."

Anouk Dautzenberg
Horse Coach & Energetic Healer
Guidance Academy | Paard & Intuïtie


editorial series

projects with a message

As an Applied Psychologist (that's what I originally studied before becoming a fulltime photographer) I am and have always been very fascinated by the human psyche. How we suffer and how we flourish- both because of our minds and the things we believe to be true. 

As an artist I feel a strong urge to change peoples perceptions about topics such as motherhood, the Western beauty ideal and mental health problems. And rather than trying to convince your psyche, I'd rather make you feel things through photographs; as one picture can change perspectives like words not always can. 


Motherhood Uncensored, Series with Martina (2021)

I am currently (in 2022) working on a project called Motherhood, Uncensored. I do this together with my partner in crime, Maria Dienaar. Maria is a Cultural Sociologist and I'm the creative bird in this project. With this initiative we hope to create a source of recognition, support and strength for women, dealing with all the rosy and rainy parts of women- and motherhood.

Check out Maria via her website: 


Me and Maria changing the Netherlands, working at one coffee-shop at a time!

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