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Voorbij de Roze Wolk

(Beyond Cloud Nine)

Realistic portraits about pregnancy and motherhood.

'Voorbij de Roze Wolk' Exposition
Museum Amsterdam Noord
April 1 - August 27 2023

2020, narcissistic parent


Final work for Fotoacademie Amsterdam, 2020

"Narcissistic Parent" is about the effects of narccisistic emotional abuse and the possibility of recovery afterwards. The serie puts emphasis on the emotional, spiritual, mental and sometimes even physical damage a Narcissistic Personality Disorder causes with children from parents with such a diagnosis. And yet, there is still light at the end of the tunnel: a possibility to find acceptance, peace and healing.

In this series the patterns and characteristics of these often very damaging relationships are portrayed through symbolization, following a storyline from beginning to end.  

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