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an ode to the strength of women

Serie 1: Martina's Story (2021)

(disclaimer: story about miscarriages)

"The second miscarriage was especially heavy for me. With the echo they found out that both of the two embryo's were not vital anymore. A couple of days after the echo, I was very uneasy and felt like I wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible. There was this weird feeling of being 'dirty' inside. The expelling happened naturally in about a week. But then it became very hard physically. I spend probably one of the worst nights of my life with the cramps and loss of blood.

I was totally exhausted. For a few days I was 
totally knocked out and was almost motionless because of the pain. I was just laying on the couch with a pillow under my belly and my body that could barely react.

When my body started to feel better again, I had the feeling of being wrong, for not being able to carry a child in my body."

A while after the miscarriages, Martina became pregnant again: this time it lasted. The pictures were taken during this pregnancy in the summer of 2021. Martina gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Noah. 

The following serie is based on Martina's experiences and the three phases she described. 

Martina's story is one of many women. With her courageous decision to share her intimate and personal story, she hopes to inspire and support many of them who are experiencing similar feelings. 



Motherhood, Uncensored is getting her first exposition in 2023 at Museum Amsterdam Noord.

For this museum a unique series of work will be created in collaboration with women from Amsterdam-Noord (Northside). The title of this exposition will be:

Voorbij de Roze Wolk
(Beyond Cloud Nine)

In this exposition, Martina's story will be displayed together with 7 other stories. Stay tuned via my Instagram account to follow the latest updates.

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